It’s time to say goodbye.

At Oogwave, customers have been the driving force behind our mission to infuse productivity into workday and change the way people share and work together. While last 3 years have been an incredible journey, we’ve made a tough decision to discontinue the service from 1st October, 2014.

Quick FAQ’s

What will happen to Oogwave service from today till Oct 2014?
Oogwave will run the same way its running now. But no changes or updates will be available.

Will I keep access to my files and content?
No, your account information, content and all files will be removed after 1st Oct 2014. We recommend you to start exporting/downloading your content across the groups and actively start looking for alternative tool and platform.

Can I still invite and use Oogwave till October 2014?
Yes, you can use Oogwave as it is today till the end date October 1st, 2014. Hence we will recommend inviting new people to your group, only if you are working on a short project or objective. Please remember to export/download all your new added data before the Oct’14 end date.

How and when will my payment (monthly/annual) subscription stop?

Payment for your account will automatically stop going forward.

  • For monthly subscription, June is the last month for which your account is charged. No charges are applicable for next 3 months on your account.
  • Annual subscriptions will automatically get cancelled and refunds will be done on pro-rata basis till June 2014.

Alternatively, if subscription payment has been made via paypal, you can also cancel the subscription payment to Oogwave from your paypal account.

What will happen to my information/data after October 2014?

All information/data/files and backups will be erased permanently from all our servers any day after 1st October 2014. You are not required to do anything – other than ensuring you have taken the backups of your data on your local machine before the same. Beyond October 1st,2014 no access to your account/data/files/support will be available.

For any other question, write to us at

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